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Librarian Icons

20 December
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I am Molly. I am a 24-year-old graduate student studying Library Science. I like books, all things British, the world of Harry Potter, Downton Abbey,
tea, photography, traveling, hanging out with friends, yoga, philosophy, school, and libraries (of course!). I also like digital and graphic art and web design.
That is why I am starting this livejournal account: to get back into the swing of things concerning graphic design. For now I'll mostly be making icons for fun.
My icons are free to use, just please credit me somewhere if you decide to use or edit and then use. I will eventually post a list of my resources.
Everything is created in Photoshop CS6. Please feel free to comment or message me to ask any questions!

photo credit for the banner above goes to Kitty Kitty Kit Kat